Friday, October 10, 2008

Adiella has finally arrived!!!

We headed to the hospital in the morning of October 7 to be induced. I was already having some contractions on my own and the pitocin went right to work. The nurse said all the other nurses were jealous at how well the contractions were tracking...Thanks for all your prayers!!!
At 7pm the nurses reported it was time to push. We were thrilled after waiting all this time and were excited to be only moments away from having Adiella in our arms and out of my belly! :) We were thrilled that moments turned out to be only 20 minutes. Thanks again for all your prayers. Everything went smoothly and we now have our daughter in our arms. She weighed in at 9lbs. 4 oz. and measured 21 inches long. She passed all the tests and is as healthy as can be! PRAISE THE LORD!
We came home from the hospital last night and are settling into life at home. Adiella loves to sleep, even more than she likes to eat so this is our biggest battle right now...waking her up enough to eat. She's catching on and hasn't lost her chubby cheeks so we're confident she will continue to do well.

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