Friday, January 8, 2010

The snow continues to pile up outside as I write and it's super duper freezing outside! So with no where to go...well no desire to get out and a napping Adiella I thought it time to update the blog. It's been a while so I'll just dive right in.

Jacob and I are so excited to be adding daughter number 2 to our family. This pregnancy is going much faster than it did with Adiella. In some ways this is nice and in some ways I feel a little panicked about all the projects on my before the baby to due list. Have I started any of these?! We are expecting this new little one at the end of April and hoping she not as content to stay in mommy's tummy as Adie was.

We're just about to start another trimester of volunteering with Mission Adalante. We are excited to be hosting an ESL class in our home this trimester. Jacob and another volunteer will be teaching a group of 12-14 students in Level 2 English. Jacob got to know most of them last trimester while helping with the level 1 class. We're looking forward to the opportunity to use the home that God has blessed us with to serve our community and continue to build our relationships with them. We are praying that we can deepen the relationships that we have built as well as make some new ones. We are excited about how God will use this class to answer our prayer.

I will continue to help work with the afterschool program (LIT) on Tuesday afternoons. It has been amazing to watch the students grow both spiritually and academically through what God is doing through the LIT program. A couple of the students were telling me that their reading had jumped several levels this year and they were convinced that it was all the work we were doing at LIT. I was very impressed that the kids recognized that there hard work was making a difference in the test scores and was excited to see them so proud of what had been accomplished.

Adiella continues to grow and amazes us more everyday! Her personality is really blooming and it is so fun to watch. I am so thankful to be home with her and get to see so many special moments. We are excited to see her become a big sister and are convinced that she will be amazing....and quite dangerous to her coming sister. I am working on shortening my expectations for myself in what I get done around the house during the day. Not expecting to many quiet moments come April.

Naptime is over! Hopefully I will do better at keeping this updated :).