Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are just 4 weeks away from the due date of our baby girl. The last 8 months have gone really fast, although I must say it's beginning to slow down some as my belly grows bigger! The bags are packed, as of yesterday, the car seat is bought and the nursery is now we just wait on baby. I resigned from my teaching job at the end of last year so that I could stay at home with our new little bundle of joy. Jacob continues to work at his job at Children International and has been able to grow in his ability to speak Spanish. I just finished my first trimester of Spanish class and hope to continue to add to my ability as well. We hope to someday, sooner rather than later, to spend enough time in a Spanish speaking country to both advance our language abilities.

Jacob and I have now been living in the house we bought for a little over a year. We moved here with the desire to build relationships with the people in the english classes that we were helping to teach. The area we live has many Spanish speakers and the culture of our surroundings is very Hispanic. The first 6 months or so we felt like we were in a spiritual dessert. We had been unable to find a church to call home and were pretty discouraged. However, in the last couple of months we've been connected with three families who have a similar vision for reaching out to the Hispanic immigrants in our area and sharing the love of Jesus. In just the last month we have been very encouraged by these relationships and are so excited about the plans that God has for us here. We continue to love the people, our neighborhood more and more each day we are here. It truly has become a place we can call home!

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